Things I’ve Made Before

  1. Crochet: Beaded Heart Doilies – For a few years all the crochet I did was small doilies. My 2006 project was a beaded heart shaped doily. I made at least a dozen in various colors. Might seem odd, but I found the pattern for a ring pillow, which I made for my best-friend Andrea’s wedding. I liked it as a stand alone doily so well that I kept making them.
  2. Crochet: Faery Pouches – These are from 2005 (and before). It takes me 3.5 hours to crochet one of these.
  3. Painted picture frames – pine frames from Ikea, sanded, painted black, and rubber stamped with metalic ink. For Xmess 2005 I made one using acrylic paint on the rubber stamps, and there were that I glued confetti to.  
  4. Portraits – The gift version of this is a card that says “one hour photoshoot to be scheduled with me, within the next year”. In addition to that, I usually spend 1-3 hours selecting and touching up digital photos, and I give the recipient/model a CD of all the shots, in a printable form. 
  5. Astrology, Birth Charts (usually as birthday gifts) – Hand drawn graph and one page of basic data. 
  6. Key chains – I haven’t made any in years, but I have a few left over from the last time, and plenty of stuff for making more. When I was a kid I made them with leather strips, pony beads and feathers. The last time I made key chains (mid-90s) I was hand stitching many different kinds of beads onto scraps of suede. These were not very duarable. I had just started making some with round leather cord, fatter beads and pendants or charms when I stopped. 
  7. Baking – I love to bake. I make marvelous cheesecakes, and also sweet breads (which is more like cake, but isn’t frosted, and tends to come in a bread loaf shape)

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