RIP: Peter Steele

I was a fan of Type O Negative back in the 90’s, but had lost track of them, and everyone else, since then. I disconnected from radio and tv, and went a long stretch where I had no clue about any new music from new or old bands. I’ve only recently started to plug back in via the internet. It’s great for helping me fill in the gaps. And if it weren’t for the internet I would not have known that Peter Steele died on Wednesday night.

Last night I spent the entire evening reading old interviews with him, and watching music videos and interviews and TV appearances on YouTube. I thought I would link to a few highlights here.


Video Interviews

Music Videos

  • Type O Negative – Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare -All) – Here’s where it all started. I remember the first time I saw this video on MTV, late on a Saturday night, on Headbanger’s Ball. I loved it instantly, and watched it over and over. I’ve just read that the band wanted to do this video in green and white (instead of black and white) and the label wouldn’t let them. Oh well. I think it might have worked.

  • Type O Negative – Love You To Death – Great song. I had never seen the video on this one. I like the ‘Little Red(Black) Riding Hood is the wolf” feel to it.

  • Type O Negative – My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend – I’m not gonna list them all. So, just one more. I love this one because the song has the usual deep dark dirge sound, but the lyrics and the video are completely silly fantasy. And aside from that, it could even be seen as a poly song. It’s not just “hey, every man has the fantasy with two girls, it says “My girlfriend’s girlfriend is my girlfriend too.” And, then there is the simple fact that something so completely silly is unexpected from them. I’ve loved their humor since that first time I heard Black No. 1. “Can’t go out, ’cause your roots are showing. Dye ’em black. black black black black No. 1…” But in most songs it’s subtle, and here it’s over the top. It’s great.


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