The Gone-Away World – Review

The Gone-Away World coverThe Gone-Away World, by Nick Harkaway – Marvelous book. I immediately got Mike to read it because I wanted to talk about it. The story is set in a strange world and at the beginning things are odd enough that you just have to let it wash over you for awhile. It’s starts with the main character as an adult, and a catastrophe has occurred in the world. Then you go back and learn about him and the world when he was a kid. It goes back and forth a bit until it all crashes together and rolls forward. It’s so unique that I can’t find a good comparison. The closest would be reading China Mieville’s books. Similarly you have to be to roll with the weirdness until it starts to make sense. Once it clicks you feel like you’ve been access to the secrets of the universe. I love that! Oh, and once reached that point, it’s only just begun.

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