New drink I made up. We dubbed it the “Goldfrapp” because she has a song called Black Cherry. It’s liquid candy. Very Yummy!

Ratio 1:1 (Metaxa Brandy: Cruzan Black Cherry Rum) You need to either keep your booze cold, or add ice. I’m finding all booze is much better cold. As cold as possible.


Corn & Oil

Had one of these at a bar months ago, and have been honing in on the recipe since. Here’s what we have now:

3/4 oz/shot of Falernum
2 oz/shots of Blackstrap rum (Cruzan)
3/4 tsp lime juice
3 dashes of aromatic bitters
4 ice cubes at least

(We’ve been boozing it up lately, so as not to have to move lots of mostly empty bottles.)

Drinks to Try

We were at DeLuxe earlier and there were some new drinks on the sign that sounded interesting. Mostly could make these at home so wrote down a few:

Blueberry Nehi: blueberry Stoli, grand marnier, Chambord, lime juice, sweet & sour – served up.

Cosmiri: light rum, Cointreau, lime juice, strawberry syrup, cranberry juice, sugar rimmed glass.

French 75: gin, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, champagne.

Orange Martini: gin, muddled orange, simple syrup.