New Drink Recipe, which is a bit involved.

Step 1: Cut up a watermelon, and juice all the fruit/flesh

Step 2: Mix 1 cup of watermelon juice, 1 cup of lemon juice (we just bought big bottle at Costco here), and 3/8th cup of powdered sugar. Use a whisk to help dissolve the sugar.

Step 3: Pour the mix into the ice cream maker and leave it for 15-20 minutes. The result here is kind of sorbet like. Yummy!

Step 4: Buy a big bottle of cheap vodka, dedicate a Brita pitcher to the filter of said vodka, then run that vodka thru the Brita 3 times. (4th time gains you nothing really, we tested it).

Step 5: Put at least a small bottle of the vodka in the freezer overnight.

Step 6: Making the drink. 1.5 or 2 oz of Vodka (from the freezer), an equal amount of soda water, and at least 4 ice cream scoops (2″ balls) of the sorbet, all into a glass.

Step 7: Enjoy!

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