Brief Visit

My Aunt Missy flew into town, I picked her up at the airport and took her to my mom’s house. We watched Mom and Donna scramble to finish last minute packing and then they all got on the road to head towards AZ. A very brief visit for me, but still fun. 😀

20170517-3 Sue Snow Missy 20170517-4 Missy Sue Donna

P.S. I’m terrible at taking selfies, but Missy did pretty good with this one:

20170517-1 Missy Snow

Winter/Xmas 2016

Just started an album:

20161223 - Xmas & Snowfall

David Bowie Memorial

I was devastated to learn of David Bowie’s death a week ago. In the meantime, I’ve been watching lots of his videos on YouTube, and listening to his albums, starting with the oldest one, on Spotify. Here’s a collection of links found/shared on FB.

Aquarium Visit

I visited the aquarium with Jessica, Ema, Aby and Ema. (More photos here)

20160109 - 2 Diver 20160109 - 8 Puget Sound

So Happy

I’m completely giddy. If you’ve ever bought concert tickets I think you’ll know why I feel like I won the seat-lottery here, when I bought tickets yesterday for the upcoming Puscifer concert. I got 2 tickets front and center on the balcony! Woohoo!

20150821 - Puscifer Seats