Mesa Heat Forecast

Weep for me, I’ll be in Mesa, AZ this week visiting my Grandmother and other family there. This is the weather forecast:

This insane timing is my mothers fault. She hit the end of an internship job at the end of the school year, so couldn’t go until now. Luckily, she already has a new job lined up for when she gets back. The downside is obvious. I’ve never been to Arizona in the summer, and this forecast scares me. I hope we all just stay inside the whole time.

Wish me luck! and maybe a freak cold front would be nice too.

Happy Solstice

I hope you’re enjoying the longest day of the year!

FTC to ban most ‘robocalls’

The Associated Press: FTC to ban most telemarketing ‘robocalls’ Sept. 1.

It’s about time. This is one of life’s little annoyances that you assume you will just have to live with. It’s such a breath of fresh air to hear it will go away.

Zoo Penguin Dies

From the Seattle PI blogs: A second Woodland Park penguin dies; more are sick.

Burkles was a very old penguin, who died of “avian malaria”. Most likely contracted via mosquito. How odd. I’m sure their top concern is how this happened, since the chances of it happening should be so low.

Why is a Seattle community garden called a ‘P-Patch?’

From Seattle PI blogs: Why is a Seattle community garden called a ‘P-Patch?’.

I always assumed it was “public” or “participatory”. Something like that. But here’s a snippet for you:

The “P” comes from “Picardo,” the name of the family that loaned its northeast Seattle farm for a community garden on property first leased and later bought by the city.