Sunday at the Zoo

Finally went to the zoo and saw the snow leopard cubs. They aren’t very cub like anymore, since they were born last May, but that’s okay. I still love to go see them.

Zoo Penguin Dies

From the Seattle PI blogs: A second Woodland Park penguin dies; more are sick.

Burkles was a very old penguin, who died of “avian malaria”. Most likely contracted via mosquito. How odd. I’m sure their top concern is how this happened, since the chances of it happening should be so low.

Snow Leopard Cubs!

Were apparently born on Memorial Day, but only just now announced on the Woodland Park Zoo’s blog.

And I found more pictures here.

Mother’s Day at the Zoo

Took Mom to the zoo today. Seems like we walked around a lot, but didn’t see very much. At least, I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures. Of well. It was not too hot, and not too sunny, but it was definitely crowded.

peacock penguins
snow leopard Mom Dragon

More Photos from today’s trip.

Zoo has Ocelot Kittens

I took Mom and Donna to the zoo today, and we got to see the ocelot kittens, and a few other things. Full set of pics here.

Ocelot mom and baby tiger
lions Jaguar