T-day Foods Made

mac & cheese cheesecake

1) My regular baked mac & cheese made with vegetable radiatore. In the background you can see Mike’s peas dish with onions, parsley, marjorum, butter lettuce, etc…

2) Brownie-Bottom Cheesecake: Brownie layer made from scratch, baked for 20 mins (could be more) and then cheesecake layer added and the whole thing baked for another 30 mins. This cheesecake mix has sour cream in it, which is delicious!

Ugly Pie

aka Peppermint Cheesecake


Boy this one came out ugly. I think it could have used more peppermint, but others claimed it was delicious as is. *shrug*

Tday Cheesecakes

brown sugar Galliano

I think it’s been 4 years since I made cheesecake. I forgot how easy and delicious it is. And I never seem to make the same thing twice. For example, I’ve never made anything like either these before. On the left we have a “creme brule” cheesecake, this just means I spread damp brown sugar across the top, then we fired it with the kitchen torch, which has never been used in the kitchen before, heh. On the right we have a Galliano cheesecake. Yep, you guessed it, I added the booze to the mix. It’s yummy, but a bit too strong. It wasn’t that strong when we were testing it on the batter side. Next time I’ll go with less. Maybe only 2 onces. I think we’ll have to eat the rest of this one with vanilla ice cream to help cut the sharp bite it has.