As You Like It

Shakespeare in the Park – “As You Like It” – presented by GreenStage

Mok as minstrel Oof! plot thickens not good

I learned of this at the last minute, and Mike and I rushed out the door to go see it. Other than the old ladies who brought full size folding chairs and sat down in front of us, it was quite a lot of fun. I really want to pay better attention to the free Shakespeare in the park shows in the future. My friend Mok was in this show, and is how I learned of it, of course, and I think he did a marvelous job in the variety of small and medium roles he played (almost everyone in the cast had at least two parts). The whole cast was good. A couple were harder to hear than most, but we were able to keep up with the comic story with no trouble. Great fun! [Many More Photos on Flickr]