Recipe is from the Rose’s Christmas Cookies book.

These cookies require a food processor to make. The “hand mixer” option starts off “Finely grate the nuts…” (hazelnuts and almonds). Yeah, right. If you find and buy almond and hazelnut meal, you’d be in good shape, but a food processor makes this a snap.

On Monday Caroline helped me make a double batch of these, and yummy noises were happening all around.


1) 1 batch of the glaze makes enough for 3-4 batches of cookies. Make a half batch of glaze and a double batch of cookies and you’ll be in good shape. (Also, gum arabic is a pain to find.)

2) My oven is lying about it’s temp. Everything takes longer, so I’m starting to bump temps up a little for this one.

3) No matter the temp of your oven, the cookies should brown noticably. I had to double the listed baking time before they were properly done.

4) We used quinoa flour (calls for 2.5 TBL AP flour) for a gluten-free cookie.