Puscifer at the Paramount, Seattle

Awesome show. Maynard puts together the best shows I’ve ever seen.

Set List:

1. Maynard Monologue
while setting up camper/stage
2. Green Valley (CoMP)
3. Tiny Monsters (CoMP)
4. Vagina Mine (VifV)
5. Dozo (VifV)
6. Toma (CoMP)
7. The Rapture (CoMP)
(Fear is the Mind Killa mix)
8. The Weaver (CoMP)
9. Rev 22:20 (VifV)
Carina Round on Lead Vocals (slow version as well)
10. Polar Bear (Cif)
11. Indigo Children (VifV)
2011 Mix
12. Oceans (CoMP)
13. Monsoons (CoMP)
14. Horizons (CoMP)
15. Conditions of My Parole (CoMP)
16. Man Overboard (CoMP)
17. Telling Ghosts (CoMP)
18. The Undertaker (VifV)
19. Tumbleweed (CoMP)

No Encore, show was about 90 minutes.

(VifV) – “V” is for Vagina (2007)
(Cif) – “C” Is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here) – EP (2009)
(CoMP) – Conditions of My Parole (2011)
Note: Several songs were remixes or variations on the originals. Especially all of the songs from “V” or “C”.