Blackberry Syrup

Mike and I made blackberry syrup last week. Here are my notes for future reference.

Juiced lots of berries in chinoise a week ago.
– But I think this would be much easier if we just used the juicer.

Making syrup (8/4/09):

1 quart of juice (4 cups)
– heated in large sauce pan on stove top,

– as it comes up to a simmer add:
1 tspn of citric acid (powder we got for making saki)

4.5 cups of sugar,
– add this half cup at a time, allowing it to dissolve completely before adding the next one
– stir constantly

(You need more than 50% sugar to keep it from growing mold or other nasty things.)

Once all the sugar is dissolved, keep stirring and simmering until you don’t see steam actively rising off the goo anymore.

Poor into quart glass jar with tight lid. Was a little more full at the end then it was at the beginning.

(First drink made: 3/4 oz of syrup, 2 shots/oz white rum, 6 oz club soda, and ice. Yum!)