Halloween Nails

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Kitty Hates You

Kitty will kill you ’til you die from it!

20131031 - Mike & Simon, tauntaun costume 6

Halloween 2013


Senora Muerta, aka Matilda Addams

Lady Death

This is Matilda Addams, she loves Día de los Muertos, and was Senora Muerta for Halloween.

This is how I inspire myself to dress up every year. I’m not so much for just doing the vampire or whatever. I’ve been enamored with the party scene from The Addams Family movie since I first saw it, and I love to invent members of the family. Those wonderfully morbid and quirky cousins. Anyhow, cousin Matilda came out to play this year, and she was a huge success.

Moira Addams

It’s become my habit to create an Addams’ family character for my Halloween costumes. This year, Moira Addams. (And a shot of Mike being menaced by a skully creature.)

Moira Moira Mike
A few more shots, here on Flickr.