David Harp

My step-brother, David Harp, passed away on 2/24/15. We weren’t close. We knew each other best when we were little kids. I mostly remember him like this:

After high school, another parental divorce, and his family moving to Idaho, I didn’t see him again for about 20 years. His wonderful wife, Jessica, was the only reason I had any idea what was going on with him. Because of her I got see him about a year and a half ago, and had one really good adult conversation with him, and find out his story from the missing time in between. I’m very glad to have had that opportunity. It makes me very sad that he’s no longer in the world with us.

Memorial Video

Here is the video from the memorial. (If someone can tell me the singer’s name I will be grateful). I apologize for the crappy quality and for the fact that the sound becomes a little disconnected from the video as it goes along. But you can still enjoy the silly moment at the end of the song (~15 seconds from the end of the video). Oh sweet serendipity.

Edited to add: From my friend, Rob Witmer, via FB: “Tim Symons at the keyboard, Eric Jensen singing beautifully, as usual. A beautiful tribute.”

Some Enchanted Evening


My best friend from high school, Kurchta, got very sick a few months back. Thanks to FB and social media options I was able to follow along as the story of events was told on an online journal kept by her wonderful wife, Faith. I was devastated to learn that she passed away this morning. In my usual fashion, I will exercise my grief by digging through every box of photos I can find, for pictures of her, and add them to an online album here:

Remembering Marilyn

Went to a lovely memorial service for Marilyn today. I took snapshots of all the photos that were out and all of her handpainted pottery that was there. So, there are lots of new photos just added here.

20070209 - Marilyn & her dog

Remembering Margie

I created this collage for the cover a memorial card for my Aunt Margie that I put together with my mom’s (Sue) help. We had cards printed with a poem by Sue and an extended obituary inside. Mom is sending them out to family. If you haven’t gotten one and would like to check and see if you’re on the send list, or request one for another family member, just let us know. She still has more, and we can order even more, if needed. I hope everyone likes it.

2013 Margie Moe, Memorial Collage