My Bday – New Year’s Day (Party)

Had a small party at home later in the evening. There were about a dozen people here. I think it was just the right amount. I was able to spend time talking a little bit with everyone. (Mike was taking the pictures here, so that’s why he isn’t in any.)

And, in that last picture, introducing Iko, the Calico. He was a present from Mike. I’ll post more about him later.

Xmess 4: Party

With Gingerbread Mayhem

1) Sylvani asleep by the tree. (Yes, there are too many pictures of my cat. I think it’s because he never bitches about having his picture taken.)

2) At the party. (L) Ivo and Laurie, (Back of heads) Nancy and Michael, (R, near to far) Isaac, Miwa and Jason.

3) Gingerbread mayhem this year includes: Graveyard with zombies coming up out of the ground, crucified gingerbread men, and one staked to the door of the house, cannibalism on the roof, heads on stakes by the sugar cube fence, and a face on the side of the house that is crying blood. (Also a vampire attack on the far side of the house. See extra detail pictures below.) I don’t know why there is always so much mayhem.

Xmas Eve Party 2006

Michaela & Michael Mike & Snow and a few more pics by Mike here.

Mike’s Birthday

Mad Hatter Tea Party 2005

Photos by Lawrence Brown

Many Hatters stripey Many More Hatter and even more hatter pics here.