House Guests

20160412-2 jetlag

Michael’s Birthday

A few years back, Mike and I made an amazing German Chocolate Cake for Michael’s birthday, from Scratch. It took 3-4 hours of work, for both of us together, to complete. This is a cheat version of that cake. This time I got a box mix for the cake, but I made the filling and frosting from the crazy complicated version. It came out lovely, and a couple people flattered me by saying they thought it was from a professional bakery.

It was a great little dinner party, everyone had fun, especially Michael.

Adventures in Moving a Boat

Melange Wed. – Michael and Andie rented a horrendously large SUV (nothing “sport” or “utility” about it though, it was just a huge car.) Strapping the dinghy to the top was quite the ordeal. Loaded up gear and drove to Bellingham.

Thu. – I drove Mike and more gear to the boat in B’ham. We stayed the night on the boat. The bed was harder than we’re used to at home, but it was big enough, warm and dry. Certainly better than camper.

Fri. AM – I got off the boat and they started sailing South with it. (I drove to Mount Vernon and bought new tires for my car. Badly needed. Very happy with the new ones.) Then drove to La Conner and spent a couple hours with Judy. Then Mike called to say they were moored in La Conner Marina, and we headed down there. Read More »

Mike’s Bday Party & BBQ

pirate cake

We had a little BBQ birthday party, with pirate cake, for Mike today. (Click the photo above to see more on Flikr.)


Yellow Magnolia? Huh.

yellow magnolia

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