Adventures in Moving a Boat

Melange Wed. – Michael and Andie rented a horrendously large SUV (nothing “sport” or “utility” about it though, it was just a huge car.) Strapping the dinghy to the top was quite the ordeal. Loaded up gear and drove to Bellingham.

Thu. – I drove Mike and more gear to the boat in B’ham. We stayed the night on the boat. The bed was harder than we’re used to at home, but it was big enough, warm and dry. Certainly better than camper.

Fri. AM – I got off the boat and they started sailing South with it. (I drove to Mount Vernon and bought new tires for my car. Badly needed. Very happy with the new ones.) Then drove to La Conner and spent a couple hours with Judy. Then Mike called to say they were moored in La Conner Marina, and we headed down there.

Fri. PM – Michael thought the power cable that connected the boat to the harbor power belonged to the harbor in B’ham, and it got left there. Upon arriving in La Conner it became evident that the cable belonged to the boat, and I drove Michael back up to B’ham to get it. We had dinner in La Conner with Judy. Then Mike and I drove back into Mount Vernon to Pick up Gregg at the train station, to get him to the boat to help crew for the next couple days. We were all tired, 5 of us slept on the boat.

Sat. – Again, I got off the boat in the morning, and they sailed out, heading south. I went and spent a few hours with Judy, since I was in no hurry to get back in my car for a long drive. We had a nice visit. The boat crew did a little actual sailing, since a good wind turned up, and then moored in Coopville, which is about the middle of Whidby Island on the East side. Weather was starting to get bad, so even though it was only 2 pm, they decided they would stay the night there. I drove home (Seattle).

Sun. – Weather was bad, very rough in fact. Seas so rough, with the boat jumping swells, and going up and down so much that there wasn’t enough sea water going in to keep the engine cool, and also churning the fuel so much that a lot of gunk from the bottom ended in the fuel line, clogging the filter to 70%. Thus they were having engine trouble and called it quits and pulled in and moored in Everett, where they knew they would be able to find good repair services. Not making it to Lake Union today as hoped. I drove to Everett and picked up Mike and Gregg, drove Gregg home to West Seattle, and then us home. The guys have to work tomorrow, and Mike is feeling pretty sick. Andie and Michael did meet a mechanic already who will help them tomorrow.

Mon. – They get repairs done for the engine, and want to sail the last leg Tuesday, but can’t do it just the two of them, so I go and pick up Michael and Andie in the evening (in Everett) and bring them home for a day. Gregg will be available for Wed. so they have a days wait. Might as well come home and do a day of work.

Tue. – 8 pm, Andie and Michael load into the car, and I drive us to West Seattle to pick up Gregg and then head North to Everett and drop them off at the boat.

Wed. – 9 am update: They got away from the dock and the engine stopped. They are anchored in the channel, working on it for a couple hours. They were about to send the dinghy for Ernie, the mechanic who helped them yesterday. *Fingers crossed* Noon – Engine is limping, they were away from Everett, but are now turning back, as there are good facilities there, where hopefully they can get it worked on. There is now no ETA on when the boat will reach it’s moorage in Lake Union.

Much mechanical hell later, every part of the engine having been taken off and most cleaned and put back they finally found that the muffler was completely clogged. Ernie pulled it out took it to his shop, cut it open, gave it a thorough cleaning, welded it back together and reinstalled it. At this point it was almost Xmas, so they waited until a couple days after and Ernie helped them sail it to Seattle. I picked up Andie and Ernie and drove them back up to Everett (Andie to get her car, and to get Ernie home).

Dec. 28th, 2010 – Melange finally made it to her moorage in Lake Union!

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