Homemade Pizza Sauce

1 large can of tomato sauce (106 oz)
Italian herbs (center pile)
sage (right of Italian herbs)
garlic powder (very yellow in photo)
onion powder (top, white, right of oil pour)
cayenne powder
ground pepper (above sage)
sugar (not shown)
olive oil

Sorry, the ingredients weren’t actually measured.

Stir all ingredients together in large pot. Start on medium-high heat, and when it shows signs of starting to bubble lower heat to simmer. Simmer covered for a couple hours. Check on it and stir at least every 30 minutes. Then simmer with splatter screen and no lid, so it will thicken up, for at least another 90 minutes.

Turn the heat off when you decide it’s done. Let it cool down. Then bag it up in “snack” size zipper bags, and put those into quart sized freezer bags, so it’s easy to pull them out one at a time to use without having to unthaw the whole batch.