Sous Vide Chicken, Amazing

Frozen chicken breasts put in zippered plastic bags with some olive oil, sage, thyme, ground black pepper, black garlic, and glass weights, go in:

20170215 - Sous Vide Chicken 1

Three hours later:
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Small Mac & Cheese

This was just about as much work as making a large batch, but you don’t have to find so much room in the fridge for it, or eat it for a week. It was delicious!

20160207 - Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese, Small Portion

I made 1/4 the normal recipe, two meals worth. It seemed like the same amount of work as the full recipe.

20160207 - Mac & Cheese

Amazing Pizza

Mike’s cast iron pizza. Best ever!

20150904 - Cast Iron Pizza 1

Tofu Nuggets

This little experiment will amuse those who know about my appalling diet. Click thru and read the photo notes for more. 🙂