Tiny Ninja’s of Love

They want to ride around in your pocket/purse and spread their *SQUEE* powered love to everyone you encounter.

This awesome little idea floated past at just the right time. I made four of them, and there may never be another. I gave the red one to Mike, the hot-pink one to Jeanine (who’s bday is 2/14), the purple one is patiently waiting to go to the person who sent the idea in my direction, and I think I’ll be keeping the blue one.

Senora Muerta, aka Matilda Addams

Lady Death

This is Matilda Addams, she loves Día de los Muertos, and was Senora Muerta for Halloween.

This is how I inspire myself to dress up every year. I’m not so much for just doing the vampire or whatever. I’ve been enamored with the party scene from The Addams Family movie since I first saw it, and I love to invent members of the family. Those wonderfully morbid and quirky cousins. Anyhow, cousin Matilda came out to play this year, and she was a huge success.

Halloween Sequin Ornament

Herrschners — Halloween Collector’s Sequin and Beaded Ornament Kit.

If you had Xmas ornaments like this (this type of craft kit) around when you were a kid (like I did) you will get how twisted and weird this is. If not, just move along and don’t worry about it. 🙂


Baking – Final Product

Lots of work, but it all came out lovely. (More pics)

sweet bread butter cookies

Xmess Baking 1: stained glass ornaments

About a month ago I started baking cookies for Xmess. Mostly these were meant to be given as gifts, and so now that that is all done, I can post some pictures. Here are a few of the stained glass cookies: