This is Iko [EYE-koh], The Calico

This is Iko, The Calico. He was a birthday present to me from Mike. I originally met Iko many years ago (2000?) while at a party at his creators home. I fell in love with him instantly, but never never expected that he would actually come and live with me. I just love him, and Mike offered to build him a special perch where he can watch over the house without being molested by the house cats. (My kitty, Sylvani, wanted to groom him.)

His creator is Cat Grey, of You can find her entry about him, near the bottom of the “Art-NFS” page as Calico.

    Medium info: “Fur (including but not limited to coyote, wolf, muskrat, fox, bobcat, raccoon, and marmot); closed-cell foam; pins; glass.”

    Comments from Cat Grey: “I always thought a calico looked like what happens when you take the leftovers from lots of different cats and make something nice out of them.”

Cat makes fabulous things. I also have the “Carrion Bag”, which I really need to take out of the house more often. People love him. (Can also be seen on the “Art-NFS” page.) You should go look around her site now.