In Loving Memory: Sylvani, May 2003 – Jan. 10, 2009

It’s very hard to do this, but I wanted to let folks know that we’ve had a death in the family.

Our sweet and bratty little bully cat, Sylvani, whom we all loved so much here, died about 11 pm last night, apparently of sudden heart failure. We were here when it happened, but he was gone within a minute and there was just nothing that could be done.

Here is a collection of photos I’ve gathered of him from the few short years we had him with us (from 4/12/04 – 1/10/09 (he was nearly a year old when we adopted him,)

Michael, Mike & Simon (kitty)

New Year’s Eve 08/09

New Year’s Eve Pics, full set here.

gifts Iko Clock Sylvani, last pic

Mike came home from San Diego today, so we did our household gift exchange in the evening. Then after 10 pm we had Chloe and Derrik over to just hang out and visit until midnight. (This set also happens to contain the last photos I took of Sylvani.)

Sylvani, Terence, & Chezwick

Here are some pics of the kitties checking each other out thru the window.

kitties Chezwick & Sylvani

Terence is the stuffed snow leopard I got for Xmas. And Chezwick is a neighbor kitty that comes to visit sometimes. I’m thankful that Sylvani isn’t the sort of cat that has a fit and throws himself at the glass if he sees another cat. They would try to sniff and paw at each other, but that was about it. I wish I could let them play, but it probably wouldn’t go as well as hoped. This is pretty cute tho.


Yeah, I know, more cute kitty pics. But he is cute, and he’s my cat, so of course he shows up sometimes. Like this one of him peeking at himself in the mirror.

Sylvani Mirror A few more pics of him here.

Oh, the Cuteness!